21st CenturyNew Tech engages students in an educational experience. Combining academics with action, students master both content standards and the 21st-century skills necessary to excel in today’s society. Students can articulate their learning and apply their knowledge. At New Tech, the conversations are just as important as the content. Students learn to work together and develop a higher level of thinking. These 21st-century skills act as tools for learning and living in a global economy. Students are explicitly taught and assessed on their Work Ethic, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Oral Communication, Technology Fluency, and each subject area’s content in every project in their New Tech High classes.

For more information on 21st Century Skills, visit www.bie.org, www.p21.org, read Tony Wagner’s “Global Achievement Gap” book, or search 21st-Century Skills on the World Wide Web.

Also visit the New Technologies & 21st Century Skills website. This website is an ongoing project created and maintained by the Laboratory for Innovative Technology in Education (LITE) in the College of Education at the University of Houston.